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  • Bridlington

    10 photos

    Bridlington is a classical English seaside resort. The beaches on each side of the main harbour are protected by lines of groynes. Further north the stunning Flamborough Head invites detailed attention while to the south, Auburn Sands with modern wind farms and WWII relics prompts a visit. Thank you, Sheree and Pete for showing me the delights of Flamborough Head and being so helpful and hospitable during my short stay.

  • Re-enactment

    10 photos

    This could be described as Medieval Street Photography! They were taken at an re-enactment of the Battle of Rhuddlan Castle in Wales.

  • The Alhambra, Granada

    12 photos

    Despite the large crowds of tourists I set myself the challenge of creating images without the presence of people. Also, because of the restrictions in the size of rooms and corridors I only used a wide angle lens (Olympus 7 - 14mm Zoom).

  • Seashore

    18 photos

    It seems that for most of my life I have had an affinity for being close to the sea. This is a selection of black and white photography of coastal locations.