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  • Isle of Skye

    10 photos

    This was my first visit to the Isle of Skye. In October 2019 I joined a small group of like-minded photographers. We stayed in rented accommodation near the village of Carbost. The weather was appalling but our leader, Colin Jarvis reminded us that some of the best images can often be created during the worst weather. We never lost our determination and made the most of a very difficult situation. We had a great week together.

  • Orkney Islands

    10 photos

    During March 2019 I travelled to the main island of Orkney, initially to join a week-long workshop at the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre. I then stayed for a further period, and in the company of local photographer Leslie Tait, I was provided with a three-day exploration of the Mainland that included transport, photographic opportunities and extensive descriptions of the island’s history. It was a very enjoyable visit and achieved a lifelong ambition to return to these islands. I had last been here in 1944, aged around 3-4 years with my parents. My father was in the RAF and somehow he managed to get my mother and myself onto the island where we lived in a one room cottage overlooking Scapa Flow. I have many clear memories of the experience.

  • Dungeness

    12 photos

    On several occasions I have read about the area around Dungeness in Kent and its wide range of photographic opportunities. During September 2017 I spent three days exploring the area and it exceeded my expectations. In particular I was intrigued by the richness of man-made engineering structures and artifacts.

  • Brittany

    11 photos

    I visited the coast of Brittany during the autumn of 2016 in the hope that I would experience a wild and desolate coastline. In some respects the weather was too good but I was pleasantly distracted by the discovery of a 'Boat Cemetery'. I shall return to this fascinating region.

  • Isle of Eigg

    12 photos

    In April 2016 I spent a week on this island with a small group of photographers. The experience has had a profound impact on my awareness, focus and style. This series is time sequenced but taken on different days emphasising that small changes in location can have a significant impact on a composition.

  • Cape Wrath

    14 photos

    During August 2016 I was privaledged to be part of a walking group that progressed the first 60 mile section of the Cape Wrath Trail, from Cape Wrath to Lochever. This series of images records some of the places visited and attempts to reflect the sentiment felt while photographing.

  • Dolomites

    11 photos

    Because of individual differences in pace and interest I have found that photography while travelling with a group can be difficult. This was the case while snowshoeing in the mountains near Corvara during March 2016. A day spent in Brunico allowed time to chase shadows.

  • Corfu

    9 photos

    A selection of images taken during October 2015 along the northern coast of Coufu that included a short visit to Butrint in Albania

  • Loch Ewe

    5 photos

    These are a series of photographs taken in February 2014 related to relics of World War II that can be found in and around Loch Ewe, in the far north-west of Scotland. The loch was used as a naval base for the assembly of convoys to deliver military supplies to Russia between 1942 and 1944.

  • Liverpool

    15 photos

    These images were taken on a bright day in January 2014. To me, the area around the Albert Dock seemed chaotic and cluttered and I struggled to compose simple images. However, the stunning Central Library has successfully integrated the old and the new.

  • Oslo

    11 photos

    During July 2011 I was fortunate to have two full days in Oslo and became fixated with the Opera House.

  • Iceland I

    20 photos

    I first visited Iceland in July 2010 on a two-week treck. It was a tremendous experience and way beyond my expectations. The treck comprised a week on the east coast ascending and descending several fjords. The second week was a complkete contrast which began in the central volcanic desert and finished on the northern coast. During the two-week journey I was bitten by the Icelandic bug and it was incurable!