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  • Iceland II

    21 photos

    I returned to Iceland in September 2013 by joining a photographic event. We explored the southern coast between Hella and Vestrahorn, which was the most easterly point of the journey. Again, I was bitten by an Icelandic bug so I intend to return to this stunning island during a winter period.

  • Lofoten Islands

    18 photos

    In July 2011 I decided to visit the Lofoten Islands. I had some very specific photographic objectives that I would combine with some high level walking. The walks through rugged mountain terrain all ascended from sea level and were very demanding. To lighten my backpack I had to compromise on what camera equipment to carry. This was my first challenge of growing old!

  • Le Langhe

    20 photos

    The rich, rural landscape of the village of Montelupo and its surrounding area is part of a little known region called Le Langhe, in the province of Piemonte in the north-west corner of Italy. Its people are closely linked to the land through family history or current lifestyle. Many feel passionate about the place and have a strong sense of identity with this region. I have travelled here frequently since 2007. I am totally infatuated by this place.

  • Torino

    18 photos

    I love many of the larger towns of Italy but find big cities less attractive. An exception is the heart of this wonderful city. It is an elegant place with an extensive interconnecting network of graceful baroque colonnades. Since 2008 I have visited this city on a number of occasions. A place to keep returning to!

  • Northumberland Coast

    11 photos

    Northumberland is my birthplace and whenever I return it is a nostalgic experience. I returned for a short period in November 2017 and stayed near the coast, not far from Bamburgh. This enabled me to experience the challenge of arriving prior to the sunrise and experiment with long exposure photography.