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Gathering Place

During WWII, Loch Ewe in northwest Scotland housed a naval base where the Arctic convoys of ships bound for Russia gathered.

This book contains 12 photographs of relics from that time. Included in the book is a description of the base’s history and towards the back, under miniatures of each photograph, the function of all the military artefacts are described.

These historical remains discovered amid the haunting beauty of Loch Ewe evoked an emotional response in the author. In an attempt to reflect the feelings of the military personnel working at the loch during the war, alongside each image there is a poem or piece of contemplative prose.

Crossing Place

This book contains a sequence of photographs taken on and around the Old Dee Bridge at Chester. They are markers on a historic timeline covering a period from the Iron Age to the present day.

Each photograph connects with a significant event or activity that occurred at this crossing place at a particular moment in time.

The aim of this publication is to stimulate the reader’s imagination by illuminating through words and photographs the nature of the people who lived and worked there and who helped make Chester the unique city it is today.

Enchanting Place

The rich, rural landscape of the village of Montelupo and its surrounding area is part of a little known region called Le Langhe, in the province of Piemonte. Its people are closely linked to the land through family history or current lifestyle. Many feel passionate about the place and have a strong sense of identity with this region.

In Enchanting Place, Le Langhe is described using sixteen key words or phrases which evoke images of physical features or activities. Photographic images that exemplify these have been created from within a five-mile radius of the village of Montelupo and - it is suggested - represent a microcosm of Le Langhe as a whole. Accompanying each photograph is a piece of poetic text written by a local person which reflects their emotional response when describing the image, their way of life, family and community.

The aim of the book is to encourage the reader to discover the region and to appreciate the depth of passion that the people have for this enchanting place.